You are seated on the couch. The TV turns on, and an episode of Frasier plays—specifically episode 3 of season 2: “The Matchmaker.” In the episode, Frasier invites his new boss, Tom, over for dinner in order to set Tom up with Frasier’s live-in physical therapist, Daphne. The catch? Tom is gay and thinks he’s on a date with Frasier. A typical Fraserian farce plays out over the course of the dinner party, with Tom discovering only at the end that the entire evening has been a misunderstanding (played up for laughs by Frasier’s brother and dad).  When the episode comes to its end, the TV turns itself off, and there is quiet for a bit. The sun has set outside, and no lights are on inside. It’s dark. You are alone.

Then, the door opens; it's Tom. What happens when a stock character from a sitcom breaks free from the confines of the screen and becomes a fully realized human, bodily functions and all, right before your eyes?

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