1w, 3m

You are seated on the couch. The TV turns on, and an episode of Frasier plays—specifically episode 3 of season 2: “The Matchmaker.” In the episode, Frasier invites his new boss, Tom, over for dinner in order to set Tom up with Frasier’s live-in physical therapist, Daphne. The catch? Tom is gay and thinks he’s on a date with Frasier. A typical Fraserian farce plays out over the course of the dinner party, with Tom discovering only at the end that the entire evening has been a misunderstanding (played up for laughs by Frasier’s brother and dad).  When the episode comes to its end, the TV turns itself off, and there is quiet for a bit. The sun has set outside, and no lights are on inside. It’s dark. You are alone.

Then, the door opens; it's Tom. What happens when a stock character from a sitcom breaks free from the confines of the screen and becomes a fully realized human, bodily functions and all, right before your eyes.

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Rooster Teeth

Flexible casting


Rooster Teeth is a collection of thirty short plays, each written on one day over the course of a seemingly ordinary month. As Will and James fight, play, laugh, cry, and worry about expiration dates, the world around them continuously intrudes over the course of the month. Each scene is inspired by an event occurring that day, resulting in a kind of documentary play that reflects the emotional chaos and absurdity of the world today. 

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Better: An Interactive Theater Piece

3w, 1m


Better explores the experience of recovery and relapse in an addiction treatment center. Audience members are invited to enter the New Beginnings Clinic, an inpatient rehab facility in the woods of Connecticut that uses a variety of therapeutic strategies to treat patients suffering from addiction. In addition to exploring their own coping mechanisms, participants are immersed in the stories of other patients at New Beginnings.

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Waiting for the Barbarians


A man in a bar about to put on a play tells stories to stall as he waits for all of his guests to arrive. His struggle to fill the time leads him into a gay fantasia on authoritarian themes and coaxes the audience into exploring what it means to live in a liminal time. Adapted from the poem by C.P. Cavafy.

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The Holocene Extinction

2w, 2m

When Joan, a scientist studying extinction, receives a life-threatening diagnosis, she begins to research and re-construct her grandmother's life story to make sense of it. However, her own experiences, memories, and needs keep getting in the way. The Holocene Extinction is an inventive and playful exploration of the way we construct and remember our family history for our own purposes.

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O Where Are You Going?

3w, 2m

Sisters Mike and Kitty are home for their father's wedding, and neither is particularly happy about it.  Over the course of the evening, as they attempt to reconcile their strained relationship, they are confronted by forgotten figures from the past as well as unexpected visitors. A modern retelling of the Persephone myth, O Where Are You Going? looks at how we navigate that limbo between adolescence and adulthood.

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